“Hope” ?

“Hope” is a documentary series aiming to present inspiring young people from different countries in Europe.

In each episode, young people will present its culture, work, passions, vision, important issues and challenges in life.

The message delivered here is positive. It aims to give hope and trust to the youth while improving its image.

The Hope documentary series will be broadcasted for free on our Youtube channel.

The 3 first episodes !


This summer, we will film the 3 first episodes of the series. The filming will take place between the 15th and the 28th of July 2019.

Here the 3 profiles ! 👇

“Danai, overcoming crises” (Greece)

Danai celebrated her 18th birthday at the beginning of the Greek economic crisis.

Despite the bad situation in her country, she decided to stay and develop a solution of alternative tourism.

She chose the Chios Island, close to Turkey. An island known for its beauty but also for migration issues.

Danai will present her new activity of alternative tourism : “Alios Tour”

“We design activities based on local experiences promoting the Greek culture. We offer Cooking Classes teaching Chian recipes and using fresh, local products, we make visits to local farmers and producers to introduce the local products to the tourists and boost the local economy”

“Mads, sharing imagination” (Denmark)

Mads lives in a country considered as one of the happiest in the world : Denmark.

Contrary to what people may think, not everything is perfect. Mads knows that and wants to develop the « sharing ».

As an architect, his favorite playground to develop ideas and new projects is naturally Copenhagen.

Mads will talk about open-source and his new project : “Growroom”, a spherical greenhouse, an urban farm that stacks plants and greeneries tier upon tier. Its design is open-source, everyone has access to the step-by-step guide to build it themselves.

“The continuing increase of the world population combined with urbanization, needs you think about new food productions circuits”

“Gosia, try to think outside the box” (Poland)

Gosia grew up in a nice environment and with all the comfort she needed in Poland.

Her future seemed well prepared to have a successful career in science but something was missing … sense !

Passionate with nature, she made the decision to live a simpler life, with less material things. Working as a neuroscientist, she tries everyday to help people with Alzheimer‘s disease and to understand the world.

“When I am asked to explain my work, I say that I photograph beautiful pieces of brains in a dish. Then I sit in our lab and try to analyze data to find meaning in nature.”


Monique Dagnaud, Sociologist and CNRS Research Director

“There is a prospective dimension in your project, it’s a way to look to the future, that’s why I did not hesitate for a long time before responding to you positively”

Olivier Rollot, journalist specialized in education and youth (l’Étudiant, Le Monde, HEADway Advisory)

“This is a moment when it is important to let these young people express themselves and show how they want to live.”

Julien Pouget, intergenerational management consultant and author of “Integrate and manage the Y Generation”

“I find it essential to follow young people every day and show the diversity of the courses and the differences that can exist between rurality and cities.”

Maxime de Rostolan, founder of “Fermes d’avenir” and author of “We have 20 years to save the world”

What will be next ?

Continue to film further inspiring young people (not only in Europe)


Broadcast the episodes in documentary festivals, schools and on Youtube


Create a video platform to share other inspiring stories


Build a community of citizens aiming to spread and share hope


A monthly contribution to this campaign allows us to develop the impact of Hope and ensure its growth.

Thank you so much for your support, every contribution is important !

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